I believe there is a remnant of Jewish youth in the Gentile nations who are prophets – five -fold office gifts that have been hidden for such a time as this.  They are the prophets who will provoke Israel. They are in the Gentile land –scattered as the Lord promised to do rejected in a foreign land. And yet they are the beloved of God and for those of us who Love God we Love Israel and we love these prophets.

These young men and women have left their synagogues and congregations because they weren’t being equipped. They don’t want to confront the religious spirit gripping their father’s generation or the leadership of the current state of their congregations but they are in turn rejecting the very catalyst God intends for their liberty. They will not provoke Israel until they can confront their current leadership that has failed them greatly. Like Jesus whom they did not know, these prophets walk amongst all of us and we do not know who they are, we are not tuned into this precious revival in our midst.

The Apostles who are in covenant with Israel are reaching for these young men and women knowing they hold the key to our own government. Just as we must be in covenant with Israel and their authority so must we now Like Elijah turn towards these youth.

The interesting picture I get is the Apostles of the Gentile nations cover these prophets who will prophesy and help purge our government and the prophets in Gentile nations will reach for Israel for Apostles to cover us. These Apostles come to our gentile nations and help give leadership because they are Global Apostles – they will lead the nations even now.

As prophets these Gentile nations prophesy to Israel revealing their mandate to the globe. This is what prophets do they reveal the apostle’s mandate. Israel has the global mandate so this is how you can prove a true prophet they will be able to reveal Israel’s global mandate and to do that they must be in covenant with Israel.


That covenant means they must bless Israel the way Israel desires to be blessed just as we love God the way God wants us to love Him, so we must bless and love Israel the way God wants us to and the way Israel is blessed (you would have to know Israel to bless her) Just as in a marriage it takes both covenant partners to minister and bless one another. In the end we will know who truly has covenant but any covenant relationship will have fruit and that fruit is a prophetic movement and growth – fruit on the trees you can taste and see – some in the spirit and some you can taste and see.

The Government of Israel is very powerful.  They have global government and this is given to them by God it’s not something you get or ask for it is divine and given by God. Therefore we can model our government from the leadership of Israel.  The young Jewish prophets who are connected and in covenant with Israel will be able to partake in that leadership to provoke our nation and the nations even know revealing our mandates and revealing to us our apostolic mantle.

We are called to cover and protect these prophets – give them a place to rid their hearts of their offense. Years of offense from rejection and not being perceived as true prophets.

This is the beauty of the prayer movement, a place for these prophets to come in under that covering to prophesy while they wrestle with God to rid themselves of offense. In that safe place of wrestling in prayer God will put such power and demonstration on their prophesy they will emerge to provoke our government (spiritual and natural) and ultimately provoke Israel since this is their calling revealed.

Praying for Israel has eternal value and reward, we really are to bless her both in the land and those in our midst. This blessing of Israel must be to wash their feet, to extend the love that removes that offense when we pray together we can mend their heart by surrounding them with a wall of fire and contend for the outpouring of the spirit. As we pour oil on them as priest we will not only gain the reward of our combined anointing’s but together we will provoke the church to love Israel.

We must bear fruit right now of our love for Israel. These Jewish prophets are not in our prayer movement – we must go to them. We must reach out and join them where they are and wash their feet by serving them, gain their trust and prove our motives are only to love them and surround them while they tread the grapes of our land in preparation for their end time ministry.

We can’t say we love Israel when we are not touching the Israel right in our own city. We must be the ones to go first, we must see our strategy as an apostolic movement it our part to cover these prophets bring them to a place where they are loved and confirmed in their calling so that they will prophesy!