And I will bless those who bless you [who confer prosperity or happiness upon you] and curse him who curses or uses insolent language toward you; in you will all the families and kindred of the earth be blessed [and by you they will bless themselves]. (Genesis 12:3)


In 2007 I was introduced to the Israel Mandate. I knew about Israel but I didn’t really know Israel and God’s plan for Israel. I read the bible, all the scriptures seemingly point to Israel but the revelation of God’s heart for Israel became a guidepost for me, I understood that when I understood God’s heart for Israel I would understand His heart for me and our nation.


It is almost like the mystery of God will not be released out of order. And my love for Israel is genuine it is not a misplaced emotion or fantasy romance, it is real and I am willing to give my life for His Beloved Ones. It took prayer; it took deep mediation on His word and spending hours upon months upon years of dialogue with God and the spiritual leaders to Israel to fully comprehend His plan.

This revelation is directly related to the global economy. It is locked within Israel, the economy of prosperity. God ordained it and there is nothing man can do to change it. So if you want to preach about prosperity go ahead but I know if Israel is not a part of your preaching you are gravely misinformed, and if caring for the poor and need is not in your plan then you have no idea what true prosperity really means.


“Your gates will be open continually; They will not be closed day or night, So that men may bring to you the wealth of the nations, With their kings led in procession. (Isaiah 60:11)

“It shall be in those days when you are multiplied and increased in the land,” declares the LORD, “they will no longer say, `The ark of the covenant of the LORD.’ And it will not come to mind, nor will they remember it, nor will they miss it, nor will it be made again. (Jeremiah 3:16)

“Then I said, `How I would set you among My sons And give you a pleasant land, The most beautiful inheritance of the nations!’ And I said, `You shall call Me, My Father, And not turn away from following Me.’ (Jeremiah 3:19)


The promises of God are tied to Israel, the Promised Land is IN ISRAEL. That is where we will all dwell with the Father, in the New Jerusalem. The promise of God is that Jesus will return and He will dwell in the land forever!


“I am zealous for Zion with great zeal…I will return to Zion, and dwell [live] in the midst of Jerusalem.” (Zech. 8:2–3)


The LORD…has given rest to His people that they may dwell in Jerusalem forever. (1 Chr. 23:25)


The land of Israel is blessed. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it but it does take the spirit of God to reveal to us how it is so and how partnering with Israel we can participate in that blessing of the Father.


When we look at the troubled economy that oppresses and keeps poverty ruling in our nation we must go to a place in the word of God where that power is defeated and find out how that applies to our oppressors.


Israel has the global leadership; Israel is a blessed nation, persecuted but not defeated, the more they persecute the more Israel prospers and grows!


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May they prosper who love you…” (Ps. 122:6)


True prosperity is tied to covenant, it is NOT tied to sowing a seed. It is more than an outreach or a plan and program. It takes building a covenant with God and all covenant to men come from the covenant God made with Abraham.


In our nation our covenant in the church is for the most part with the “church”. We make our alignment of faith with the vehicle of God and often not God Himself. This puts restraint on how God can flow through us. Although we are to edify the body but we have lost the perspective that the HEAD of the Church Jesus Christ is where the leadership and the promises flow from His Kingdom. His ministry through the Holy Spirit will always draw us into fellowship with the Father. All throughout scripture Jesus points to the Father and there we find that covenant is the only sustaining partnership that will carry us together through the end. Covenant means all that I have becomes yours and all that is YOURS becomes mine by and through the death of Jesus Christ which we must apply to our lives. We lose our agenda, our focus becomes His Focus, and our purpose becomes what is His Purpose. We want what He wants and our lives our married to His.


All of God’s promises are tied to Israel and His Family. We can’t replace Israel and put ourselves in their place and claim we are the recipient of all those promises. We were grafted in and our benefits in the Kingdom come through Israel and that will never change. It is forever written and will ever be, so we must bless Israel we must align ourselves with Her to walk in fullness and realize that through that covenant we can walk in true prosperity.


If you look at Israel’s economy, you may be stretched to find prosperity but it is because you are looking for material wealth to signify prosperity, this is a western mentality and will not measure with the end times. With eternity in perspective all the wealth of homes, cars, vacation properties and diamonds mean nothing when you line them up to the glories of heaven. You can have it all and end up in hell.


The promise God made with Abraham was protection, it was safety, it was covering, and it was a land of peace. Have you ever been without peace? If you have never had real peace, the kind that comes from the Father than you have not experienced true prosperity.


So often we think being out of debt would mean we truly made it but you can be debt free and still be in bondage to the system of this world and not in peace.


Hearing God’s voice is probably the richest gift and to have that every day of your life, you are the richest of all men. If you can hear God then you can have His direction and leadership in your life, this is the truest riches…the wisdom of God.


Our natural economy is run by supply and demand and if we try to put that principal to work in the kingdom of God we will find it produces a religious spirit. God is not an ATM machine we stick our request in to get a load of cash to come out. He is not a store we pay our dues (tithes) and expect to shop in anytime we have a need.


God is about family and He makes a covenant with the Father of all nations to demonstrate to us how to access our inheritance, our abundance our prosperity. We can have all of the kingdom riches if we are in covenant with the King. He determines if that covenant is valid. There are some signs of prosperity that we can see in Israel and measure our own lives, not as the world sees it but as God sees it.


Solomon knew true riches; he had a covenant with the Father.  He honored God’s covenant with Abraham.

So King Solomon became greater than all the kings of the earth in riches and in wisdom. (1 Kings 10:23)

God said to Solomon, “Because you had this in mind, and did not ask for riches, wealth or honor, or the life of those who hate you, nor have you even asked for long life, but you have asked for yourself wisdom and knowledge that you may rule My people over whom I have made you king, (2 Chronicles 1:11)

wisdom and knowledge have been granted to you. And I will give you riches and wealth and honor, such as none of the kings who were before you has possessed nor those who will come after you.” (2 Chronicles 1:12)

So King Solomon became greater than all the kings of the earth in riches and wisdom. (2 Chronicles 9:22)

The wealth of this world is not found in pleasures but in wisdom, having the answers, the strategies to bring eternal transformation.

Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways! (Romans 11:33)

saying with a loud voice, “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing.” (Revelation 5:12)

How do we end poverty? How do we transform lives from the power of evil and darkness into a place of provision and security? It begins with a relationship with Jesus Christ the son of God. It is through a relationship with Christ Jesus that we can enter into the covenant of prosperity that God our Creator gave to Abraham. It is through a relationship with Jesus Christ that we are grafted into the covenant.


Does this mean that an entire city must be saved in order to enter into the prosperity of the Lord?  As we examine the promises of God manifested in Israel we can see they are conditional on men entering into covenant and in that covenant was a covering established for an entire nation.


Turning to the Lord in covenant is what Jeremiah prophesied to Israel and in doing so God would multiply and bless the land. He promised increase in provision and protection.


`Return, O faithless sons,’ declares the LORD; `For I am a master to you, And I will take you one from a city and two from a family, And I will bring you to Zion.’ (Jeremiah 3:14)

“Then I will give you shepherds after My own heart, who will feed you on knowledge and understanding. (Jeremiah 3:15)

“It shall be in those days when you are multiplied and increased in the land,” declares the LORD, “they will no longer say, `The ark of the covenant of the LORD.’ And it will not come to mind, nor will they remember it, nor will they miss it, nor will it be made again. (Jeremiah 3:16)

“At that time they will call Jerusalem `The Throne of the LORD,’ and all the nations will be gathered to it, to Jerusalem, for the name of the LORD; nor will they walk anymore after the stubbornness of their evil heart. (Jeremiah 3:17)

“In those days the house of Judah will walk with the house of Israel, and they will come together from the land of the north to the land that I gave your fathers as an inheritance. (Jeremiah 3:18)

When we establish this divine order there will be fruit. It is not something we do religiously. It is a surrendering of our will and our future to follow the same measure of this covenant in all our dealings in the city. What manifest most prominently is a power to bless, to come alongside to serve and bless and prosper others. That prosperity includes protection and provision.


Poverty is more than lack of resources but it is lack of a SOURCE of resources. There are those whose cups run dry and they can’t give true fulfillment and then there is the peace of knowing you are under the canopy of love and true divine protection. There is a supply that meets not just your body (food/shelter/clothes) needs but your soul (rest from anxiety/true peace of mind) and spiritual needs are met (live in eternity/have fellowship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit).


Freedom from poverty means you will have divine direction in the chaos, in war, in famine He will lead you to the resources because you are connected to the SOURCE that is unending and unlimited and eternal – there is no end to His ministry to us and for us. If we are not connected than we are only getting that which passes away, runs out and is attached to conditions, strings attached that has no eternal value, does not change our circumstances.


From this relationship of covenant we will engage all our relationships in the city with a heart to be a blessing. We will manifest the blessing to all those around us. We will give with no strings attached; we will minister expecting nothing in return but to be a blessing. We will be generous in kind, in our giving and in our ministry to the city.


Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, (Ephesians 1:3)




  1. What do you know about Israel?
  2. How important do you believe Israel is to us right now?
  3. How can we connect to Israel here in our city?
  4. Have you ever visited a Jewish Congregation?
  5. What is the difference between Orthodox and Reformed Synagogues?
  1. Pray for Israel. Ask the Father to share with you His heart for Israel.
  2. Pray and ask about the local Jewish Congregations in your city. Ask the Lord how you can be a blessing to the Israel in your city, in your state.
  • GO:
  1. Visit some Jewish Congregations and ask the Lord how you can partner with them by loving on them, serving them and listening to their heart for your city and for Israel.
  2. Join them in their mission for the city, partner in their mission with prayer and finances, be a blessing!
  3. Get books and materials, research Israel. Find Prophets and Apostles that are carrying the vision for Israel as you hear the Lord’s heart. Sow into these ministries and support their work in prayer.
  4. Hold prayer meetings for Israel. Join other prayer meetings for Israel.